Creative Thinking


I am an eclectic designer and communicator, I have experience in multiple fields. I am difficult to tag, but always committed to deliver. 


Genís Barberà

Bred from the shore of the calm Mediterranean sea, this lad was introduced to life in Almassora, Castelló, in the year 1990 of the Common Era. Growing up under the influence of rock music, japanese videogames, basketball and cult movies, he developed and early interest for the new and weird things, trying to escape from the dull and normal. 

At age 17, the kid sought adventure in Canada. A new language, a new house, a new family, and new friends in an unknown environment. That year happened to be a tremendous experience that kept shaping his nature, meeting other ways of understanding life and incorporating new values to his persona.

The return to the homeland meant the start of the university years, graduating from the Universitat Jaume I de Castelló in Audiovisual Communication. During those studies there were also time spent in Barcelona and London, trying to keep appeased his restless soul through the act of living far from the comfort zone.

After the graduation, he moved to Barcelona to study a design posgraduate program in IDEP school of design. Right after that, he started cooperating with the theatre company Xarxa Teatre in design matters and working as a journalist in the newspaper Levante.

Currently, Genís Barberà collaborates at Clausell Studio in Almassora, and provides freelance creative solutions for clients in the Castelló area. Other main occupations of his mind are: bosozoku, brat style, sampling lo-fi hip hop, creative programming, generative art, Jamie Vardy, nintendo 3ds, black rebel motorcycle club, magic the gathering, café dels artistes...